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LIKES: reading, photography, sewing, drawing, doodling, gluing, musing, documentaries, swimming, roller-skating, moonlight bicycling, music that makes me feel, windows with sunlight pouring through them, long face-to-face conversations with a good friend, animals who do bad things, animals with three legs, dogs with beards, cats with funny faces, birds who bathe in dirt, old men with bushy eyebrows, old ladies with pastel-hued hair, eye patches, undies (yes, undies!), gold teeth, sincerity, that delicious crunch of a stepped-upon pinecone, people with twinkling eyes... DISLIKES: the word "blog", cell phones, putting laundry/dishes/groceries away, waking up to the harsh cry of an alarm clock, stepping in gum, people who are mean to animals, people who are mean to other people, public toilets, the human need to compartmentalize and label everything and everyone.